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WARNING----Hoppes 9 elite foaming gun cleaner

Smoken D

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Saw this posted on my P.D. daily newsletter and wanted to pass it on just in case anyone is using this product



Hoppes 9 Elite Foaming Gun Cleaner

The Firearms Training and Tactics Section has received multiple reports of a potentially dangerous situation that could occur from the use of a popular gun cleaner. Hoppes 9 Elite Foaming Gun Cleaner has been identified by more than one Law Enforcement agency as having the potential to damage the internal mechanisms in firearms. In more than one instance the use of this product has caused the formation of a glue-like bond on the internal parts and rendered the weapon incapable of being fired. In extreme circumstances this damage has been irreversible and resulted in the weapon needing to be replaced. Members of the Firearms Training and Tactics Section have not tested this product and have no personal experience with its use as this product is not in current use by our Department. Individual members may be using this on their personally owned weapons and are urged to use caution if they decide to use it.

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I use the regular Hoppe's Elite solvent, and it's wonderful. Gets the guns cleaner than anything else I've used, and with no smell (happy wife, happy life). Haven't tried the foaming stuff, but will be sure to avoid it now. Thanks for the heads up!

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I have used foaming cleaner on rifle barrels NOT internal works.

And it worked great and cleaned out copper crud with little work.

Im not sure about the product and its intended use.

Maybe read the directions??? Wheres the fun in that???


A friend of mine bought tooth whitener and decided to use it

five times a day.  Totally different from directions.  It cost him all his teeth.

That's the very long story made real short.


I noticed an unlabeled button on my recent purchased car.

I actually got out the manual and

read what it did BEFORE I pushed it.

live an learn.




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