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I have a Rossi 38sp/357 rifle with a 20 inch bbl for sale.  This rifle is in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures.  It has had the safety replaced with a plug.  It's a straight shooter and about as smooth as you can ask for considering it is a stock rifle.  It seems to like long 38s or 357s.  And it likes to be cleaned and well lubricated.  It will be a great gun for a new shooter.  As far as I know, Rossi is still not making a 38/357 model 92 so if you want to match your 38 cal. pistols, this is the one.

Asking $625 with shipping included.  I will pay for my FFL to ship, you can pay your FFL to receive.


Any questions about the gun, PM me  at Dr. O. R. Vet  (be sure to use the punctuation if you want to find me here)


PS  Sorry the pics are upside down.  I even went back and rotated them 180 deg.--still didn't help.....


first "I'll take it" is the new owner.


20200205_164803 sm.jpg

20200205_164808 sm.jpg

20200205_164814 sm.jpg

20200205_164833 sm.jpg

20200205_164837 sm.jpg

20200205_164841 sm.jpg

20200205_164902 sm.jpg

20200205_164938 sm.jpg

20200205_164947 sm.jpg

20200205_164750 sm.jpg

20200205_164724 sm.jpg

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Just checked Rossi USA's website today and they do seem to be offering a Rossi 92 in 38/357, black bbl.   Still considerably more expensive than my rifle, especially if you figure in the cost of shipping and my FFL's fees.  I know, lots of FFL's will accept from an individual but many won't.  This way it doesn't cost you anything for my FFL.


This is a nice, smooth operating rifle.  I'm just upgrading to a Marlin and would like to get this one out of the safe and into someone's hands that will put it to use.  I'd like to get this baby sold so talk to me.  Maybe we can come to an agreement.


Dr. O. R. Vet

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