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Charlie T Waite

Nebraska: Legislature Could Soon Vote on “Red Flag” Firearm Seizure Bill

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“Red Flag” firearm seizure legislation, Legislative Bill 58, passed the Judiciary Committee and now heads to the full legislature for consideration (Senators Lathrop, Morfeld, DeBoer, Chambers, and Pansing Brooks voted in favor). These anti-gun lawmakers are attempting to push this legislation through the process as soon as possible. The legislation could soon be given priority status by the bill sponsor, Senator Adam Morfeld, which will fast track floor debate.  It is important you contact your lawmakers immediately and strongly urge them to OPPOSE LB 58.


Legislative Bill 58, introduced by Senator Adam Morfeld (LD-46), creates Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) that suspend an individual’s Second Amendment rights following an ex parte hearing where the respondent is not present to defend themselves.  Upon the issuance of an ERPO, law-enforcement will be allowed to search for and seize any firearms possessed by the respondent.  An ERPO issuance is based on third-party allegations, even when there is no evidence of a crime having been committed. 

Nobody’s rights should be removed without proper due process of law.

Again, please contact your lawmakers and strongly ask them to stand with Nebraska gun owners by OPPOSING LB 58.

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Thank you for the update.  I sent opposition request to my senators.

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