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Alfred Hitchcock... guess who's on it

Widder, SASS #59054

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I'm watching an old Alfred Hitchcock movie and guess who is in it?


Sgt Schultz:   he's playing a coachman/ticket collector on a train.  Ironically, he's playing a similar 'personality'

as we know him in Hogans Heroes.

Col Klink:    he's playing a successful business man traveling on the train.


It appears to be from Feb 19, 1956     Season 1, Episode 21  




One of my favorite TV shows is Hogan's Heroes.




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1 hour ago, Muley Gil SASS # 57795 said:

Just watched it.


Have you ever watched Alan Hale Jr in a sit com? He basically plays "The Skipper" in every role. When he was on the Andy Griffith Show, he was looking for a wife. he even called Barney "little buddy." :)


I knew about McHale's Navy and the Andy Griffith show.

If my mind serves me well, I think he played 'Jeff Pruitt' on the Andy G. show.   And you are correct,

he called Barney, 'little buddy'.




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An old and dear friend was obliged to have his lower leg removed, due to diabetic complications and a nosocomial infection; an old squad and police partner was hit by a deer (the deer hit her, she didn't hit it) on a motor sickle and she ended up losing her lower leg.
Both of them made the same Alfred Hitchcock wisecrack quote:
"Lose weight fast.  Use a knife!"

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