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My first hearing aids

Clay Mosby

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6 minutes ago, Hillbilly Drifter said:

sorry you went through all that BS. The hearing aids have been a wonderful thing in my life. I hope the same for you.


We probably made a poor choice of selecting an office to get this work done. They were not really an ENT doctor's office but apparently some level of outpatient maintenance care facility.  People were coming and going rather quickly.  


I don't feel we'll be making a wrong decision going directly to hearing aids.    Even with some medical procedure, it won't restore my hearing to a point where hearing aids won't be necessary.  We can always have the medical side checked out. 

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I'm starting on day four of a whole new life experience.   


Many things I never remembered hearing are now extremely loud.  I opened the patio door and it screamed at me.  Sawmill Mary said it had been squeaking for many years.  I got out the hammer and punch and oil and fixed it.  Our house has a "great room" arrangement.  Sawmill Mary sounds like a bull in a China shop just handing dishes, silverware and cutting stuff up.  I couldn't hear the microwave buzzer before.  Now it's like an ice pick in my ears.  Walking on wet leaves in the woods sounds like walking on taco shells.  Scratching my head sounds like a wire brush across rough concrete.  A thousand little sounds like a knife blade slicing through an apple, clothing rustling. 


Yesterday was off too the cowboy match,  I put on my boots and when I walked across the kitchen floor it sounded like the clapper board they use in movie making to start and stop a scene.  I wore them from the time I got up until we were preparing to shoot and put them back in when we were loaded up and ready to head out.


The Phonak 30 model I have can be paired by Bluetooth to my Android phone.  The hearing aids default to adaptive mode and are supposed to sense sound environment and adjust.  Don't know if they are or not.  I can chuse TV or Restaurant mode or custom tune and save a mode.  I set up a custom mode for watching TV.  I found the voices to be too shrill so I turned down the treble and increased the base.  I've used the restaurant mode and maybe it helps some. 


The verdict is still out if it actually helps me hear Sawmill Mary any better.  I still have to ask her to repeat herself. I think she's starting to speak louder just to convince me the aids are working.  

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It's been a week and a day since getting hearing aids.  I am getting use to them. Sharp noises are becoming more tolerable.   I've worn them in Wally-World and other public places. We just went through a big gun show and I did fine. I could hear conversations 20' away.


I made the mistake of messing with the settings the first couple of days I had them.  I tried setting the volume on the TV to where Sawmill Mary said was comfortable for her.  Then I cranked up the volume on my hearing aids.  Although louder,  it also increased all the other little sounds so it wasn't clearer.  Sawmill Mary has a ring tone of Charlie Daniels playing "The Devil went down to George".  When her phone went off I jumped two feet out of my chair! I now have settled on the default settings set by the hearing aids guy.  I probably crank up the volume on the TV more than Sawmill Mary would but it's not as much as before. 


I having something in my ears is still annoying when I feel the urge to scratch out some ear wax that's distorted.   Oops!  There's an hearing aid in the way.  Then when I'm outside and decide to run a machine,   I would normally put ear plugs in.  But since I have hearing aids,  I  don't want to remove them so I turn them off while I'm running a machine.   I did ran a machine a couple of hours so I came in and parked my hearing aids and put in plugs.


I'm still not always hearing or understanding Sawmill Mary.  I think she's deliberately talking louder to make me think the aids are working.  

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More than a month.  These things truly suck! 


I do enjoy going out and working because I take them out. Silence is golden. I can hear Sawmill maybe marginally better, maybe.  So I'm wearing them around her and other family members (but not seen them in the past month).  When I go outside and not to run machines, chainsaw or shoot when I wear earplugs, I tend to turn them down to the lowest setting just to tune out the noisy birds, tree frogs,  etc.  Turn them back up when I come back in.


High frequency sounds are WAY to loud.  Sawmill Mary in the kitchen preparing meals sounds liie a bull in a China shop.  I mentioned it to the hearing aids guy and he made some adjustments.  But I can't see where it made any difference.  I assume that I need the high frequency level to pick up voices. 

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On 1/25/2020 at 1:03 PM, Warden Callaway said:

Good timing.  I don't have a hearing problem but I have a family that can't talk clearly.   And they are after me to get hearing aids so they can low talk and mumble. 


I'm looking at some in eBay from $15-45.  Anyone have any experience with these Chinese hearing aids?  


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