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On 1/27/2020 at 1:02 AM, Dusty Devil Dale said:


I note that prior to retirement, I had 25 + years  experience in legislative code writing (California State Fish and Game Code, CA Water Code, and CA State Resources Code).  In those transactions, we couldn't have unfootnoted omissions, conflicting sections or cumbersome organization. To do so assured they would be ineffective, unfair to the public, and unenforceable.   With that as a qualification, I'm happy to be of service however I can be, toward producing a better organized and comprehensive SHB.  And again, thank you for the service which all of you energetically provide to our sport. 




I don’t know how I missed this. Now I understand!


I think our problems are solved! We have an expert available. All we need to do is hand our rule book over to Dale and all ambiguity will disappear. We can have something clear and concise like this:


(d) Notwithstanding subdivisions (b) and (c), in any district in which directors are appointed pursuant to Section 9314 or 9316, the board of supervisors of the principal county shall make the appointments by division, as called for in the ordinance adopted pursuant to subdivision (b), and those appointments shall become effective, and the terms of existing directors shall expire, on the same date as if the directors were elected.


Problem solved!

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