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Stuck cylinder on charter arms

Trigger Mike

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A review of the charter arms pitbull 45acp revolver said it would fire shot shells.  It does but only once so now the cylinder is stuck.  YouTube shows how to remove the cylinder but they are not stuck cylinders.  What is a good way to fix it?

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IMS has it right.

Bump the case against the recoil shield to push the primer back in to the pocket.


.45 caliber shot shells usually do not have enough recoil pressure to psh the case back and reseat the prime when fired.

The .45" bore is large and when fired everything moved forward and there is not enough barrel length to build up back pressure.


My opinion is, .45 cal is not a good shot shell gun,

.38 works more consitantly because of the smaller bore diameter.


If you want to use you .45 then carry a wooden dowel with you to knock the cases back on to the primers.

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I will try that.  The reason I thought the shell went back is it seems not to be seated flush like the others

  The button to release the cylinder is also stuck forward.  If I push it back the spring sends it forward again like it is trying to put the cylinder out.  

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I will try the wooden dowel, but if that fails,  what if I took my ball puller for my musket and screwed it into the primer from the barrel end and pulled it all forward to get the cylinder out?  It needs 1/16th inch or less to be flush again

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I do not think pulling the case forward will work.

Remember the case is larger in diameter than the bullet.

And the bottom 3/16" of the case is solid brass.

I am sure the pulling screw would strip out long before the case moves forward.

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BE CAREFUL....that you don’t get a mess of stuff stuck in that weapon that you cannot get out!!  Including a wood dowel.  


Imis only suggested, as a question, that the primer backed out.  


If you’re sure it’s a backed-out primer, do you have a smooth, short, 1/4” brass rod, instead?.....Such as a squib rod, that will easily slide inside a cartridge case?
DID the primer back out, or not?


You’ll get it, just be careful.


Cat Brules


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