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FS: Cowboy pants - various sizes

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These are a set of cowboy pants.  Some show signs of wear.  Some are like new.  Number 4 is brand new with the tag.  


The inseam on all of these is 32.


1) Frontier Classic - “Vaquero” style red with black trim.  Size 40 = $24


2) Scully - Sand colored. Size 42 = $20 SOLD


3) Scully - dark tan or camel colored  - the pants are darker than the photo depicts. These have some fraying on the cuffs. Size 42 = $12 SOLD


4) Wah Maker - Black, brand new, with tag, never worn. Size 42 = $28 SOLD


5) Frontier Classic - Black. Size 46 = $20


6) Scully - Black. These show some use. Size 42 = $12


7) Frontier Classic - “Vaquero” style grey with black trim. Size 42 = $24 SOLD


8) Frontier Classic - Dark olive. These are a darker green than the photo depicts. Size 44 = $20 SOLD


9) Frontier Classic - Brown and Black. TSize 40 = $20 SOLD


I’m selling these for the widow of a pard who passed recently.  The prices do not include shipping.  I can fit two, maybe three, pair of pants into a Medium, Flat Rate box. I can fit one pair into a large flat rate envelope. Otherwise, I’ll try to ship them as cheaply as I can. Thanks


Flaco Joe














Edited by Flaco Joe
Added inseam size. Sold several

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The inseam is about 32 on all of these.  I made the edit. Thanks

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I'll take the BLACK wahmaker new.

And the GREY/ BLACK vaquero.


Let me know shipping cost and where to send funds.


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BTT. Still three pair left!

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