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Which is a crying shame because they do yeoman's work.  Any outfit with the unofficial motto, "You have to go out.  You don't have to come back" is going to have some very dedicated and motivated people in it.

The USCG has to fight a lot of its history. Started off as re'noooers, then merged with the Life Saving Service, got the Light House Service tacked onto it, then became part of the Dept. of Transportation.
All that while still liable to be pressed into the US Navy in time of war. Escort duty during WWI, along with shore patrol. In WWII, escort, coastal security, driving landing craft in the PTO, more escort duty.
Some good reading here: 


But all that gets overshadowed by the US Navy.

Somewhat the same story for the US Merchant Marine. Those convoys carried a lot of USMM crewmen.





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The Steamboat Inspection Service merged into the USCG. It was known to be run by the most corrupt national civil servant in history, Dickerson N. Hoover, the brother of J. Edgar!!!   :wub:


Now, the USCG has chosen the Sea Scouts, BSA to be its youth program.  IMHO, that makes the Coast Guard awesome!!!  :D

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I was a Sea Scout many Lustrum ago.  The "Boat" my Troop had was an ex Air Force "Crash Boat."  A 63 Foot "AVR" the "Chaser" was a great learning environment.  Sadly, the Chaser wound up rotting on a mud bar (upper San Francisco Bay) and was cut up for scrap.


The USCG supporting the "Sea Scouts" program is fantastic.

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