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The Barman

I don't immediately see a thread here, but may I commend you all to VCDL Lobby Day in VA?

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I know I'm asking you to walk into a potential cl*sterfuck, but I'd hope to see many people from the SASS society come down and support our friends in VA on 1/20. I'll be driving down on Sunday, meeting up with some people from my area gun boards. (I'll also go to the MFL Friday)


(As a side note, if you do happen to live in VA, I'd encourage you to show up this Monday morning at 8:00 for the surreptitious 'public hearing' about the first round of unconstitutional proposals.)


But, about 1/20 - VCDL has good information here, do sign up to the mailing list: https://vcdl.org/event-3101533?CalendarViewType=0SelectedDate=01/20/2020


There are a couple of reasons: first, I think you guys could bring some light hearts to an otherwise too much srs bizns, which would be a welcome anodyne. Like, the fun calvary.


Second, all the scenarios I've run through in my head that turn out bad for our side or bystanders are if there aren't enormous throngs of normal people to counterbalance the few and far-between crazy ones. Beyond that, I think there's safety in numbers, as police aren't known for their heroism in confronting an overwhelming foe.


Anyway, my $.02.

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