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For Sale.    Price reduction.


 I have no use for it now.   I made this when I'd been thinking that I would live down in the mountain area of east San Diego county.  Mountain lions are a very real problem out there.   This was to be a short range ( ie.  woods gun ) for a mountain lion area.  


Started out as an under lever Husqvarna double barred 12 ga.   I put in a .45-70 insert in the right barrel.   The insert is 18 in. long and has an extractor.  The original barrels are 20 in. long.  There is a tang sight.   The insert is not a put it in/ take it out proposition.  It is IN for good.  Forced in with a soft copper ring around it that conformed to the interior of the 12 ga. barrel.  The left 12 ga. barrel has a 3 in. chamber.  I have only shot it with black power loads.   


The .45-70 barrel shoots very well with hard cast .459 diameter bullets.  


Fluid Barrels not Damascus.


Bullets, brass and dies are included.  


Reduced to  $ 400.00    including shipping to  C&R  or to your FFL.   


I love  :wub: it. !   But am getting rid of the things that I really :wub:  ..  . but have no use for.  


It needs to move on to someone that has a use for it and will love it.  


Private message to me please.  





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I showed this to my 16 year old son, and we are both thinking hard about why we need this! Just too cool.

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Thanks for the comment.  It IS too cool :excl:  And a practical short range / woods gun.  


Not really looking for trades.  But I will listen to any offered.  


It has a leather ( geico ) hand guard under the barrels. 


Wolfgang  :)

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