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11 hours ago, Charlie MacNeil, SASS #48580 said:


I love this.

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45 minutes ago, Raylan said:



The state's been pushing hard for years to develop the electric car market, with all sorts of incentives to manufacture, sell, buy and use 'em.  Hell... a few years ago, when he was Attorney General, Jerry Brown was pushing for electric bulldozers for road construction.  


But you're right - almost one third of the electricity used in California is imported from other states.  We cannot build nukes, we cannot build dams for hydroelectric, coal is outlawed... that doesn't leave much.  Natural gas, wind, and solar.  


Also note that the state is attempting to build a "high speed railway system."  The plan is for the thing to be powered by electricity.  How to pay for it?  I suspect by increasing the already absurdly high taxes on motor vehicles and fuel.


Oh - and Gov Gav's requirement that all new housing must be constructed with solar generating systems.  


I liked what my old pard Palouse once said, many years ago:  "If those people were serious they'd be eating boiled lawn clippings and only wearing clothes woven from their own hair!"

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Talking to a friend running a LGS the other day, he said his best source of entertainment early on was watching the reactions of people he knew to be solidly against guns come to his store and find out that they've been told lies all along about how easy it is to buy one.


'I have to pass a background check? I'm not a criminal!'


'How can I be sure I'll pass the background check? What happens if I don't?'


'Three days? I have to wait THREE DAYS and come back to pick it up? What if I needed one NOW?'


And the ever-popular, 'C'mon, man! You know me from (fill in a tenuous social connection). You KNOW I'm okay.'


Edited to add requisite meme:




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1 hour ago, Alpo said:

78-year-old Joe Biden has a five-year-old son?


He did.  But the kid grew up and moved to Ukraine for a while.   :mellow:

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Biden has leveraged family tragedies for political gain for decades.


Hunter needs to be careful -- if Joe needs a boost in the polls, Hunter might have the life expectancy of a Clinton informant.


Edited to add requisite meme.


If The Corona Virus Was A Person - Joe Biden Meme - Shut Up And Take My  Money

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