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Many years ago Florida law requires you to have a permit if you had a gun with you in your car.


UNLESS you were hunting, fishing, camping, target shooting, or going to and from.


Going to and from. That's the magic words. Along with the pistol in my glove compartment, I kept a set of ears, two boxes of ammunition, a couple of paper targets and a staple gun in the backseat. I was either going to or coming from target shooting. Nodding.gif.58049aa6dd720b302ed114fc20abe83c.gif Yeah I was, you betcha.

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1 hour ago, Buckshot Bear said:


1 through 5.   Preferably 3 or 4. 

1 can be turned into any of the others.   

2 is for wrapping shrimp or scallops so it cooks through and the seafood isn't overcooked.  Can also be turned into 3, 4, or 5.

3 and 4 are just right.


5 is overcooked but still tastes like bacon.


6 is start over.

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On 7/9/2023 at 2:08 PM, Alpo said:

meme cursewordsdemands.jpg

I fell while crossing a pile of scrap metal at work and thought for a moment I'd broken a hip.

I cut loose absolutely at the very top of my lungs.

It is not possible for one man to have ensulrfurated the air without taking a breath for the length I did, but by the Sachem! I most certainly did!

Not a single four-letter Anglo-Saxon labiodental fricative passed my lips ... rather, I swore most powerfully, most heartily  ...

... in Shakespearean!

And in six other languages.

When I read a professor's comment, some years back, that profanity is the sign of a limited vocabulary, I learned to swear in ten languages.

Under pain and stress, I could only remember six of the ten ... but those elements of the Bard came swiftly indeed to my tongue!

(The hip wasn't broken, but I was sore for a few days)

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