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13 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

 But Vice grips don’t have insulated handles to keep them from shorting out on the chassis. 

But would they short out?




Notice the battery cable going to the terminal is black. There's another wire - also black - going from the terminal and screwed into the frame.


That is apparently the negative post. The ground. If you had a piece of metal attached to it, and the piece of metal touched the car body somewhere, since that terminal is already grounded, would this additional grounding cause arcing and sparking?


If you had your vise grips on the positive side, and they touch the car body, electricity going straight from the positive terminal to the car. ZAPP!!


But this is the negative side. I ain't no 'lectrician, but it 'pears to me it'd be safe.

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1 hour ago, DeaconKC said:


That's right up there with sending the new guy to the supply girl for twenty feet of fallopian tube.:lol:

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Instead of "the new guy being pranked", I think it's more likely somebody catching/blocking the sparks to prevent a fire.


You can get fires in the damnedest places on a construction site. I remember Billy was cutting some steel with an acetylene torch and a piece of it landed in his nail apron. He's just working away and he's got a fire going right in front of his crotch. 'Bout got his hot dog barbecued.

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7 minutes ago, Alpo said:

meme saucepaks.jpg

If you saved them, you are REALLY old!

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