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45 minutes ago, Buckshot Bob said:


It's amazing how many people became cops.


Barney was a clarinet player, but gave it up to become a police officer.



Fish was in the mafia, but he gave that up to become a police officer.



Epstein stayed in New York City, but stopped being a juvenile delinquent and became a police officer (in white pants sitting on the desk).



Freddy "boom boom" Washington moved to Los Angeles, where he became a police officer.



Vinny also moved to Los Angeles, where he became a hitman. Oh well. They can't all turn out good.



As for Arnold - he went on to do voice overs for cartoons.


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13 hours ago, Buckshot Bob said:


Four? I think I tolerate maybe three. I consider you heroically well adjusted.

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16 minutes ago, Cypress Sun said:


What's worse is that it probably identifies as a 1911.:o

In .32 acp!

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1 hour ago, Cypress Sun said:


Why are all most of the mags out of the pistols and rifles? Doesn't make sense to me.


With that many guns you only need a couple loaded for self defense purposes.  Plus you probably have multiple mags for each gun so most of them will be stored outside of the gun.

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