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Pat Riot

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4 minutes ago, Alpo said:

Five, seven, five - not six, seven, five. :P


Must be from the south - gets (at least) six syllables from five one syllable words.

Of course, many from the Deep South can get three or four syllables out of each one syllable word.

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3 minutes ago, Chicken Rustler, SASS #26680 said:

Meme is pronounced meme, not meme. :P


He had meme right, he just stretched "this" into the southern "thee-isss"

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If I were to create a shooting stage scenario whereby if you didn’t follow it you would be penalized you all would probably follow it...maybe not.

I have asked, in a few different ways and using memes as hints, that folks follow “the rules” that I established, but some of you just continue to not follow those requests. 

I am not sure if some of you are daft, ignorant, you think it’s funny to try and irk me or elicit a negative response. I really don’t know. I am getting to the point that I really don’t care. 


Many folks here talk about the “old days” here in the Saloon and how much fun it used to be. They wonder what happened to the “old days”. Some folks think they remember the old days because they heard about it some where, some how from somebody. Well, I was here in the old days. 
One thing I distinctly remember were threads with rules. People were actually considerate, for the most part, and followed thread rules as a courtesy. Those that didn’t usually did after a friendly reminder. 

I am happy to report that I think I know what happened to “The Old Days”....Perhaps people that were in here got sick of putting up with discourteous individuals. Perhaps people got tired of trying to herd catlike others that just couldn’t take a hint, get a clue, follow directions...who knows, ‘cause once folks leave they don’t fill out an exit form telling everyone why they left so this theory is just that, a theory. 

If you are reading this now and are a bit put off or angry and you wish to respond to me post please do so in a meme conveying your thoughts...maybe in this regard you will follow the thread rules. But I will not be holding my breath. 

If you are thinking “Gee Pat, lighten up, it’s only a thread” perhaps you might not think that if every time you made a post or a thread:

- someone came along and diverted the theme of the thread to something their ego desired 

- or maybe they just changed the subject because they could for their own petty needs

or maybe they just don’t like you or the subject you wish to discuss and for their own selfish reasons they just decide to be disruptive


There is a line in my favorite movie that runs through my mind nearly every time I open this thread and some Nimrod is posting things that definitely aren’t memes, especially when they do it over and over again...for whatever reason. 





Good day, gents. I have other things to do. 



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