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With all due respects to Paul Harvey, "And now, the rest of the story!"  :rolleyes:



  • http://www.vfp62.com/IMAGES_14/TF-9J.jpg

    Does anyone know anything more about this TF-9J?


    (9/7/16) I was instructing in VT-25 when the F9 incident took place. My best recollection of the accident: The student pilot did catch a wire but had a severe right to left approach. After going over the side he was still at full power. The LSO finally radioed the pilot to shut down. After shutting down the student jumped into the water. I don't know how he was picked up. There was no equipment on the ship able to pull the plane back aboard so the arresting gear cable was cut and the plane was lost. The student went out the next day and finished his carrier qualification.

    Lt. Cdr Tom Larson, VFP-62 pilot

    (3/30/15): Re the TF-9J "hanging over the side to dry out," it was BuNo 142979, from Chase Field, TX-based VT-25 "Cougars," which missed all arresting wires when trying to recover aboard Lexington, 24 May 1966. Pilot could be rescued, unhurt, fortunately. Fair winds & following seas,

    -- Fabio Peña
    Manager, Aircraft Carrier & Escort Carrier Archives
    NavSource (http://www.navsource.org)

    (11/10/13):From Air Force Col. TD:
    Ok you Navy Pukes... we now know why your planes are so clean (we thought you just didn't use them!).

    Air Force Pilots Always Wondered:
    Q - Why do Navy airplanes need tail hooks?
    A - After a tough day of flying on an aircraft carrier the planes are always washed and they use the hooks to hang the planes over the side to dry out.
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9 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

You know I wouldn't have wanted to be the poor sailor that had to cut that cable with all that tension on it. :unsure:


8 hours ago, Brazos John said:

Go, Patty!


7 hours ago, Brazos John said:

Oops, I mean Tania!

She was Patty before the brainwashing.

And for the trial.


7 hours ago, Loophole LaRue, SASS #51438 said:

Ah....the 1960's...the era of Peace and Love!


BLM has nothing on the SLA!


(Ooops...just realized that I'm in the meme thread...never mind!)







 ........ now we're really gonna get it  :unsure:

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15 minutes ago, Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494 said:





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