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43 minutes ago, Alpo said:



Then there are people like me.  I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, the poor kid in a highly affluent town.  I was treated as second class, even by my teachers.  My guidance counselor wrote me off, actually telling me I would never amount to anything because my clothes were worn out and from the 2nd hand store.  I could run academic circles around my peers AND teachers, but I didn't fit his mold. 


So I joined the army to pay for college.  Then I got a scholarship from the army to become a 2LT.  I made it all the way through college without knowing what a FAFSA was because my former guidance counselor had blown me off so badly.  I just worked around the clock (the scholarship paid for tuition and fees, but I still had to LIVE!). 


I graduated, had a good run on active duty, switched to the Reserves, and became a cop.  Then I used an army benefit to pay for a master's degree, while committing to longer service.  Then the army sent me to War College, and I got another master's.  When I switched from being a cop to being a defense contractor in my full-time job, my company has a benefit wherein they pay for advanced degrees.  I'm working on a third master's degree as we speak, and I have found the PhD program I will likely pursue afterwards.  Oh, and last year I made full-bird in the Reserves.  The brigade command list is due out next month (fingers crossed).  


That's pretty good for the poor kid who isn't going to amount to anything, huh?  By the way, in a few days I'll celebrate my 28th anniversary with the army.


But the point is, how do you think I feel about giving everyone a freebie when I had to fight, kick, scratch, and scream to EARN my way out of poverty?  Nobody handed me anything.  Nobody "forgave" any debt I incurred.  I fought like the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's ark.

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