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Charlie Harley, #14153

My Veterans Day Weekend...

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Veterans Day has always brought mixed emotions for me. Yes, I served, as have most men in my family. No, never in a hot war. I was an Army pilot and aero scout platoon leader in an attack battalion assigned to West Germany.


We got pinged by Czech and DDR AA radar. Played games with the SMLM and Green Party. 


And then The Wall came down, and these evil bastards I was trained to kill were suddenly my neighbors.  And I liked them. 


Congress cashed in the “peace dividend”, and I cashed out. The single biggest hindsight regret of my life. But life moved on. 


Now thirty years later, listening to talking heads try to explain The Wall falling and what it meant in history, I allow myself a little bit of “Yes, I was there.”


And today my afternoon is spent building a busy board for my granddaughter, while sipping Tennessee’s finest untaxed liquor from a 30mm shell casing. 


It’s a good day. Thank you, Pards, for listening. 





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My Grandparents & parents both served, I did 3 years myself but never left Australian soil..some say I was lucky but being young & my time was the later part of Vietnam so I would have gone if I could. Nov 11th is a very important day for the obvious reason...it is also my wife's birthday  who I love very much

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A program at the local High School for Vets kicks off at 3 pm.

Tomorrow heading over to Monticello, Utah for their program. Free breakfast there. :D

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When I worked for this agency I work for now a few years ago I never got holidays off, even Christmas and Thanksgiving. 
Friday my boss says “Are you taking Monday off for Veteran’s Day?”

I didn’t realize we had it off. 
I said if I were needed I would come in. 
He said “I’ll come in. You’re a vet. Take the day off.” 
I have a pretty good boss. :)

So, today I took my wife’s car in for tires and service (gotta take care of the love of my life’s car) and then I am going to wash and wax my bike. Then I am going to go for a ride and I am also going to take The Glock Brothers (my 3 Glocks) to the range for more left hand shooting practice. I also think Jersey Mike’s will get a visit from me later. 
Provided everything goes as planned, it should be a good day. :D


Happy Veteran’s Day everyone. Remember to take a little time to face East at 11:11 to remember the Armistice. 


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