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What were the odds: Life and Death

Widder, SASS #59054

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Here is a very interesting fact from my childhood....up to now.


At the age of 4, my family moved in a neighborhood and stayed there for the next 20 years.


On our side of the street, in 2 houses basically next to each other, were a total of 3 girls and 4 boys.

2 girls in one house and my family of 4 boys, 1 girl.


Directly across the street, in 2 houses, were a total of 1 girl and 7 boys. 

2 boys in one house and 5 boys, 1 girl in the other.


Basically, ALL of us kids were of the same age of atleast ONE of the other kids.  

The age of my brothers and sister matched exactly the ages of the boys across the street, plus

the 2 girls and the 2 boys in those other houses.


ALL of those kids across the street, EXCEPT 1, have since died, including parents.

NONE of us on our side of the street have died, except for 3 of the parents.   My Mother is still

alive and well at age 92.


What are the odds of such an occurrence?




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First how did they all die? Illness or accidents?


Be interesting to know all the occupations of the parents and siblings on both sides of the street. Also their diets in general.


How the houses were constructed would also be interesting.

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Across the street was an, “old Indian burial ground”?  Different water supply?


I thought you were going to say that all the girls married up with some of the boys, and now, the whole block is inter related.  Actual story is pretty grim.


Cat Brules

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Almost sounds “Biblical”. Eerie. 
Wait, are you telling a Halloween yarn? :rolleyes:


Cat brings up a good point. Were they on a different water supply? There were towns in Pennsylvania, when I was a kid, that had high populations of kids and adults with diseases like leukemia and cancers at young ages. I actually researched it and those towns drew water from the Monongahela River. One of the most polluted water sources around back then. 

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PAT:  actually, its a true story with no halloween connect or intention.


The houses across the street are literally right across the street, about 40 yards.

The water supply is the same, which is City of Knoxville.   No well water, etc.....


3 of the boys across the street went into the military... 1 Army, 2 Navy.   All came home safely.

2 of us brothers also went into the military.... 1 Navy, 1 Marine.   All came home safely.


When I was 20, this would have been the ages of MY side and Their side, shown separate by this ... /

-  /   28: the oldest girl across the street

24 / 24

22 / 22

20, 20  /  20, 20

16, 16  /  16  (this is the only 'across the street' person still alive, who is 64 now.

10  / 10, 10


I will add this:  all of us on the WEST side of the street grew up in the same church.

NONE of those on the EAST side of the street attended any church.

It seemed all other aspects of life were the same.

Their dad and my dad went to hockey games all the time together.

My and my best friend, Charlie, played little league ball together and high school sports together.


The reason all this came to mind is that my friend Charlie died last weekend.  He is survived by only

1 brother.   Only ONE of those across the street had any cancer causing death.

All my brothers are still alive, my Mom, and the 2 sisters who lived one house up on the same side.


None died of any car accident or shooting deaths.   They just died of either heart or stroke situations.





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My folks are the two surviving siblings on both sides. They are both 90. Both sides had some live longer some considerably shorter life. The ones that smoked and drank died around 70, the others that chose to not partake in those activities lived up into their late 80's and mid nineties. My former in-laws all smoke and haven't had many even reach the 60's. It's a combination of genetics and lifestyle. 

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Maybe they were all going to some event but one of them had a premonition that avoided some type of disaster that would have killed them all. Then death didn't like being cheated, like in the Final Destination movie series.


Truth is, when it's your time, it's your time. It's all just luck....or bad luck.

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