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Charlie Harley, #14153

Flintlock pistol kits?

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I’d like to one day build a flintlock rifle, and thought a pistol kit would be a good way to test the waters. 


Doing internet searches, there are more manufacturers than I would have thought. Pedersoli, Traditions, Lyman, Track of the Wolf, and I’m sure there are others I haven’t thought of. 


Does anyone have experience with these kits?


my priority would be to have a quality figured stock, and for the sight dovetails to be pre-cut. Other than that, I think I can handle it. 


As always, the Saloon’s help is much appreciated. 

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I built a Lyman  flintlock pistol when they first came out.  I threw the sights away but everything else was worthy of my time.  I swapped it for a ready to run percussion ten years ago, but there was nothing wrong with the flinter except it didn't match my Great Plains rifle.  Now both are .50 percussion and I haven't shot either one in many years.


Guess I'll have to do that some weekend soon.

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You need to check out http://www.americanlongrifles.org/forum/


If I were going to start with a pistol I'd get a Chambers kit: http://www.flintlocks.com/pistols.htm

Jim is a master builder and one of the most respected in the flintlock world. Call and talk to them, you'll likely get his daughter, Barbie, who is very knowledgeable and helpful.


You could start with a Kibler kit as well, VERY easy to put together: https://kiblerslongrifles.com/collections/rifle-kits

Jim is also a master builder and over the years has started making all CNC kits.



For more challenges you can get kits from Pecatonia River, Log Cabin Shop and a few others.


I'm building one now from a pre-carve that I had a guy in North Carolina inlet the barrel and shape the buttstock.



Another master builder that doesn't sell kits at the moment is Mike Brooks, but he did create a great tutorial:



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