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58 Remington with kirst gated conversion

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This is the last of my unmated cap gun/conversions up for grabs. '58 Remington made by Pietta, 5.5" barrel .45 colt 5 round gated conversion with safety notch. Also has the kirst improved ejector. No actual smith work but it's as smooth as I can get it myself. Now for the bad side. In order to install the cylinder pin with ejector the loading lever lug had to be removed and re soldered back in. So it will ship with that pin still installed. Also I mistakenly sent the percussion cylinder with another pistol. I do not have another pietta cylinder for it. I will ship the conversion cylinder separately from the frame. Both will come directly to your door. I do have an ASM cylinder I can put on it for shipping purposes only if you like, but it does not function properly on that frame. Asking $500 shipped.


Cash, check, money order, or PayPal (friends and family) are all fine with me.


Possible trades considered: 

Hammerless 12ga single shot or sxs

Custom leather if you make rigs

44-40 rifle 

Cash can be added either way to balance it out.





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34 minutes ago, SGT. QUINCANNON, SASS #32999 said:

How's the fit on the grips? I'm interested in this piece.

Honestly meh so-so IMO. The grips dont quite come all the way to the bottom of the frame, you can kind of see it in the pics. I can attempt to get better pics of them if you like. 

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Figured I'd go ahead and take some pics of the grips while I was messing around in the safe. The exposed portion of the frame is no more than the thickness of a dime at the widest part. 




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