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EOT 2020 - Transport and storage of arms

Lord of the Annahof

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Dear Sass-Members,

first I shortly want to introduce ourselves. My name is Klaus and we are a group of 4 German men who will visit the Event "End of Trail" next year for the first time. Referring to

this  we have some questions and kindly ask for your feedback and support.

1. When will be the exact start for qualification for Cowboy Action Shooting and its first starting date ?

2. Does anybody know a possibilty for storing our weapons as by an arms dealer or somebody else in Albuquerque for a period of 1 - 2 weeks?

    We are planning a longer stay in New Mexico and making also holidays for approx. 1 week beside the participation at “End of Trail” and want to

    know our weapons safe.

3. Does anybody know a forwarding agency which take over our weapons, bring the arms to New Mexico and also back to Germany and can do the customs clearance including all

    necessary issues themselves without carrying along on my own while travelling to New Mexico?

4. Is there a local renting company for campers in Albuquerque?

I’m looking forward to your feedback and hope that somebody can help us in the mentioned above issues.

Many thanks in advance.



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Here is a partial reply:


1.  You are qualified to attend the match if you are a SASS member in good standing.  Match information is here.

4. Shooters from New Zealand have used CruiseAmerica.com.  They have a rental location in Albuquerque not far from Founders Ranch.  Others have rented from other firms.  Some firms were not reputable.


Winter Range provides information regarding BATF Form 6NIA.  The import/export firm you seek would handle this form for you.


Though you did not ask, Cowboy Shooters Supply brings suitable shotgun shells to EOT for sale.  You can purchase your shotgun shells at the match.

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2.  You don't NEED to have your guns "stored" while you travel around... (Although I can understand you not wanting to cart them everywhere with you, even though that would be perfectly legal)   I don't have the right to speak for any specific individuals there , but I doubt that you would have any trouble finding a Cowboy to store them for you....


3.  THAT might be more difficult than you might think,  and more trouble than its worth.  Ive travelled to NZ, The USA, Europe and Asia with guns, and from my research the easiest way by far is to travel WITH them in your checked baggage.  Anything else would be very difficult I believe.


P.S.  Do NOT plan to travel via the UK......not with guns!

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Lord, speak to Shotgun Boogie, he's from Germany.

He normally can organise the paperwork and flies out of Munich. You can get direct flights from MUC to DFW.

Also speak to Hell Hound in Germany he has been over many times.

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   Welcome to End of Trail ! This will be a great adventure for both you and your friends !

There are many cowboys here that will be willing to help you with all your questions and special needs such as gun storage.

We hope that all of you enjoy your time here.   We'll see you on the range.


   Safe Travels ,

      X  Mark


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