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Question re USFA China Camps

Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

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I've seen a total of 2,  yes 2,  all USA made CC guns (CCXXX serial numbers).   And no they were not consecutive.  Both were .45s.    And I have seen dozens of CC guns over the years.   And tried to keep a pretty extensive list of serial numbers for all the USFA guns.


I don't know the date.  But I can guarantee you there were not many USA made CC guns.  It is very easy to tell the USFA and Uberti guns apart.   You may well know this already.. but start with the hammer.  USA guns will have a cone firing pin and hand cut serrations/checkering on the hammer.   If the hammer is hand cut, take a look at the loading gate cut next.  That cut is pretty definitive.   On a USA made gun the front sight will be proud and square.   Uberti's  has a slight taper to it. 


USA made 38s and 32s  (in any USFA, USA made gun)  on the rare occasion were fitted with a tapered firing pin even on a USA made and hand cut hammer.   Smaller firing pins and bushing helped eliminate some primer flow problems in the 32s and 357s.   I've also seen them on a occasional 38, never on a 44 or 45.


8/16/1999 serial number CC90

CC244 was from Nov 2000


CC501 is a all USA made gun in 45 Colt.  Built originally in 2006.  It was sold again mid August this year.

I was told there were only 5 guns in the CC5XX series, 501 to 506.  And the last of the CC guns.   All built in 2006.   At least one was a 32-20, one a 38-40 and CC501 a 45 Colt..

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