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Regardless Of Your Faith, This Man Is Awesome

Calamity Kris

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Since being kosher, Kass couldn’t eat his sandwich and offered it to the hostage-taker in exchange for the second gun. Crediting luck more than anything else, Kass ultimately saved the hostage.


Was there cheese on the sandwhich?  Pastrami is usually made from brisket which means it should be kosher.

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13 minutes ago, J. Mark Flint #31954 LIFE said:

Depends upon where it came from, as a Rabbi, it is likely he only eats food labeled as kosher and processed in plants inspected by Rabbis and subject to their approval. 



Way way back I worked in such a plant. Every day approximately 40 animals were processed by “the rabbi” (mashgiash?).  Every day 70 or so animals went out the door labeled kosher.  Yes somebody was cheating.

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