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This isn't about mistakes. We are all human and mistakes are part of life. That is why there are three spotters. Call them as you see them with ANY doubt going to the shooter. 

This is all about the words "I think"...."if you think it's a miss....." Etc.


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5 hours ago, Snakebite said:

The third time was the worst. It was at WR. A very top ranked young shooter would grab a spotting position on every stage. He would then proceed to actively yell and coach every shooter on his team through the course of fire. I ask him to stop, but he just said that was the way that they trained together and wouldn't stop. He was constantly in my way and would miss a lot of calls because of this "Cheerleading". I ask him to give me the flag and stop spotting. He got pissed and made a scene about it. It was the worst posse that I have ever had in my life. 

Makes me wonder where they were from... I had the exact same experience many years ago at a Mule Camp.

If you have to spot, SPOT, don't talk. Lol

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