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Sedalia Dave

High School Bans Student After He Goes To Shooting Range With His Mom, Snapchat Post

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And this is what will happen more and more (PLUS confiscation of his firearms) when some whiney liberal decides that he is offended/traumatized/threatened by a constitutionally protected right once the red flag thing goes full throttle. No presumption of innocence, no finding of any lawbreaking necessary, no act of violence or even depiction of a violent act just an accusation is enough to trample an other wise law abiding citizens rights and infringe on his life.

Further the accusers names will be most likely be held anonymous so as not to invite someone to give them a stern talking to that is righteously deserved.



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Gateway Kid


Probably should not post my American Flags lest they offend some snowflake

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Between this and the finger gun ruling, seems like we're headed for another "Political Correctness" adjustment!!

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