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In California??!!

Red Cent

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Gee, all of a sudden these people are being caught ahead of their actions...has this been going on all along but now it’s important enough to report? 

I find it odd that all this talk of “Red Flag” laws is the latest rage in politics and all of a sudden we are finding out about 7 different acts that have been thwarted before the alleged perpetrators could pull them off.


Coincidence? I don’t think so. 

I was born at night but I wasn’t born last night. 

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Guess it proves that Red Flag laws are not needed. All that is needed to thwart evil is for a good person to speak up.


IF the mother of the El Paso shooter had actually reported her son rather than make an anonymous call that failed to actually provide a name the shooting may have been prevented.


I am far from being a member of the tin foil hat crowd but I am starting to get the feeling that some people want these tragedies to happen in furtherance of their goal to subvert the Constitution. They are already attacking the First and Second Amendments as well as attempting to subvert the election process enshrined in the Constitution. 


The fact that I could even consider this possibility is making me very VERY sad.  :(:(:(:(

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1 hour ago, Sedalia Dave said:

I am far from being a member of the tin foil hat crowd but...


Just because you are paranoid it doesn’t mean that they are still not out to get you.



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