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SOLD: .45 Colt Starline Brass


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SOLD  I haven't shot .45s in quite some time, so I'm selling off the brass.  I have 500 pcs of Starline .45 Colt Brass cases.  Cleaned, inspected,  sized and deprimed.

Some are once-fired, some are twice fired, and some have never been fired.


85.00 shipping included via USPS Priority Mail

first "I'll take it" posted here gets 'em.


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12 hours ago, Pony Soldier said:

I got the brass today pard.  Did you get the money order yet? I mailed it Wednesday. 

Yep, was waiting for me when I got back from yesterday's match.


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I loaded my first batch of that brass last night for a match this weekend. Very nice lot. 


Thanks again - Pony

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