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WTS Winchester 1892 25-20

Happy Appy

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This Winchester 92 has been in my Winchester collection for over 30 yrs.  $2295 plus shipping   600 rds of 25-20 Rem ammo book says these 92 are running between $4000-$8000  gun has been sitting in a safe all these years not bad for 117 yrs old shipped to your FFL 1902 may trade for something sass or something other










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This 1892 has been in my  Win collection for 30 yrs sitting in the safe.  The book on the 1892 shows that between 1892-1941 there were 1,000,000 produced and that over half were sent to South America.  This 92 will have 600 rounds 25-20 Rem ammo with it.  Book on the gun shows the price between $4000-$8000  This gun is late 1902.  $2495 plus shipping and insurance  may consider some trade   Will consider bring to SWR in late Sept in English to save shipping at T-bones

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Looking closely it appears the wood has had a clear coat applied and the metal has been re-blued at some point......can you confirm?

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The rifle is the way I bought it and can't tell what may have been done before me it is a beautiful weapon

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It s a nice old reblue. sure not original.

I watched a friend take a similar Winchester all around a gunshow and you

would NOT believe the nonsense he was told. His rifle was his fathers and 

willed to his older brother. Older brother died and wife wanted to sell it 

but value was in question.

That got me looking into values and ebay had a lot of win parts for sale.

All by the same fella.  Seems he had a similar round of frustration.

So he took the win all apart and auctioned each part or set of parts.

He got over two grand maybe 2500 for the parts plus shipping.

Local guy bought the frame, looking to build a Winchester......duh.....

Most all of the old Winchesters like this that I have shot, shoot remarkable well.

And I would think this price is money in the bank.  

I shot a friends 2520 and loved it. He died and I never saw that rifle again.

Now I will butt out.




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