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SPF 11,850 Small Pistol Primers by Fiocchi

Two Shoots

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These are sold pending funds and pickup.  


I bought a 12,000 pack of Fiocchi small pistol primers and they are not a good match for my Trail Boss light loads.  I’ve shot thousands of rounds of Fiocchi ammo and have never had an issue so I imagine these would work fine with a traditional powder type and load.  They’re packaged in boxes of 150, and my Jimmy Spurs Vaqueros, lit them up just fine.  With a Dillon 650, they feel slightly stiffer than Federal, but way softer than Winchester or CCI.   My cost for the 12,000 with shipping and hazmat was $322.  There are 11,850 of them available for $250 plus shipping & hazmat.   (Probably $25 to $30 to the lower 48.)


I’m in the KC area if you want to pick them up and save the transit fees, and  I’ll be going to Gunsmoke in September and could bring them along.

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 Two shoots someone else will probably chime in but an individual cannot ship primers

there are special permits needed which most ffl’S no longer have

it is no longer just a matter of paying hazmat fees

unless things have changed and I’m wring which I oft times am!?


edited in I just checked.....YES it requires a hazmat license and there are beau coup requirements to get said license

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Isn’t that what I said?:huh::):ph34r::blink:

now I know why we had to prove

citizenship  to get our DL’s......

too many folks can’t read or understand

AMERICAN :FlagAm: dag  gummit!!<_<:blink:


HEY  Lump thanks for verifying;)


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