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Need Fix Advice: Paper Hulls and Lee LoadAll

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I want to shoot black powder from paper shotgun hulls.  Having a problem with paper hulls being damaged on the final crimp and size stage of my Lee LoadAll.


The LoadAll uses a steel ring to size the hull base, which is not the problem. 


The most important feature of the LoadAll is the final station, which sizes the FRONT 2/3 of the shell, and completes a star crimp.  The last station ensures shotshell is properly undersized (slightly) to drop into my double chambers. 


With paper hulls, the nylon sizing tube seems to "grab" the outside layer of (waxed) paper, and pull it down and away from the inner layers.  I end up with an ugly, uneven crease near the base, and cockeyed shell.  Hull does not look like it will survive another reload. 


If I do not pull all the way down to avoid hull damage, then the completed shell does not drop into my shell checker (barrel-set removed from my double, muzzle down).  Hornady "One Shot" case lube would dissolve the wax in the paper hull outer layer.


Would a chromed steel sizer on a MEC or Pacific/Hornady loader "slide" over the paper hulls, properly sizing on the last station?

Is there another, separate sizing tool available?  (The MEC "Super Sizer" is not an option, it only sizes the base.)

How are other paper-hull BP shooters ensuring final results are properly sized?


LoadAll  fits much better in my tiny, temporary apartment than my MEC9000, Pacific 366, or PW375, which are in storage in another state.

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I have a MEC 600 Jr that I've had for at least 40 years.  Used to load paper shells with it.  Never had a problem.

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