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1860 Henry Modification

A leather lace-on “heat shield” wrap around the barrel and magazine tube of the 1860 Henry rifle has been approved by the Range Operations Committee.

The proposed modification is a reasonable solution to a well-known safety concern regarding the use of the 1860 Henry rifle in SASS competition.

As many shooters choosing to use that model also shoot in Black Powder categories, the lack of a forearm can be problematic as the barrel heats up. That can lead to possible safety issues in maintaining control of the firearm while shooting.

Advising the use of a glove while shooting one discounts the fact that a glove can be a hindrance when shooting revolvers.



LL MOD L (2).jpg


LL MOD R 2.jpg  20190814_113905.jpg

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A "spacer stick" of some kind in the magazine tube would be necessary with this modification. 



spacer stick (2).jpg

Photo by Driftwood Johnson 

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