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Cheyenne Culpepper 32827

Guns of August,,,, kept up the tradition

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Guns of August is over, but the memories will last a long time.


The weather was GREAT!!


the match itself was well written and fun


real electric in the campground!!!


the pot luck in the campground was like a high priced buffet,, too bad my tummy wasn't in the mood!!!   But Max did help that with his excellent services and libations!


The saturday meal, a a cookout by the crew was excellent


got to hang out with some of the best people in SASS


The results were ready quickly and the presentation moved right along..



Thank you to all who had a hand in a great match!! 

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Now, if only you hadn't kept telling me about all of those mysterious misses that I kept getting.  Other than that, this was what a Regional is supposed to be.  Plenty of fast shooters, I am not one of them, good scenarios and excellent targets.


The pards were friendly and helpful.  Everyone kept asking me if I was OK?  At least I am still ticking and shooting my SASS.  As I tell my wife, I just make a lot of smoke and noise, plus meeting such friendly folks.  (and Yes Cheyenne Culpepper is one of the nice guys).


The Boy Scouts were there to help in so many ways.  It was nice to see the young folks doing something right.


I hope to be back again next year for Guns of August.


Frontier Lone Rider

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Sorry I missed it AGAIN!  Next year high on priority.

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