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Old Ranger

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On 7/22/2019 at 1:16 PM, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

Go with a MEC 600jr press.;)

12ga-Use 17.0-17.5 gn of Unique and 3/4-1oz of shot.

This load has less recoil Than what the WW loads do that the OP listed.



I think OLG's advice on an upgrade on the LEE Load-All should be heeded. I've owned and used several of these, and still have one in 16 and one in 12. They will load ammo, but using one gets old pretty quickly. I still own a Mec 600Jr for 12 ga,, and I've owned one in 20 and one or two more in 12 that I've sold. I'd rate them  as a good press, slower than a progressive, but good all the same. A while back I upgraded to a Sizemaster for 20 ga and 410. The Mec Sizemaster is a bit more versatile than a 600Jr, and IMHO worth the extra $. I also owned a progressive, a Mec as well, a Grabber. It will crank them out once you have a load worked out. I don't think a progressive is for a beginner, unless you have a mentor helping you set it up.


Mec's are good value for the money. 



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