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Charlie T Waite

Virginia: Special Session Adjourned, Anti-Gunners Not Finished

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During the July 9th special session, House and Senate leadership directed the Virginia State Crime Commission to undertake a “systematic review” of the tragic May 31st attack in Virginia Beach along with the legislation submitted during the special session. 

It was irresponsible of Governor Ralph Northam to hastily call this special session without having all of the facts.  He even admitted that none of the radical gun control policies he proposed would have prevented this incident.  It is clear that Gov. Northam has no real interest in pursuing meaningful, evidence-based policies to reduce crime.  Rather, he simply seized this opportunity to launch a political stunt to distract from scandals involving himself and other statewide office holders.  Despite the outcome of July 9th, Gov. Northam and his gun ban allies are not finished.  These issues will be front and center as the campaign season in Virginia kicks into high gear.

For gun owners across the Commonwealth, Governor Northam has provided us a road map of what we will face in Richmond if the anti-gunners take control in November.  It is for that reason that we must sustain the grassroots momentum we built during the special session right through Election Day in November!

We will need volunteers to help contact pro-gun voters in person, by phone, and at events to remind them of what is at stake in November.  These volunteers will help to ensure that EVERY voter in Virginia who supports the Second Amendment is actively engaged with our grassroots campaign, and of most importance, turns out to VOTE ON ELECTION DAY.

To assist you in staying involved, NRA-ILA has deployed five Campaign Field Representatives (CFRs) around the state.  To get involved with their efforts, please contact the CFR nearest you.  If your area does not have a CFR, please contact (800) 392-8683 (VOTE) to find out how you can get involved!

Now, the real work begins!  We must work together to protect our Second Amendment rights. 

Samantha Mares- Northern Virginia - Samantha@nrailafrontlines.com 

Andrew Minik- Richmond area - Andrew@nrailafrontlines.com 

Maggie Shivers- Richmond area - Maggie@nrailafrontlines.com 

Ray Mock- Virginia Beach area - Ray@nrailafrontlines.com 

Penny Fjellanger- Virginia Beach area - Penelope@nrailafrontlines.com

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