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RE: The 2020 election and the anti-gun rhetoric

Charlie T Waite

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As the 2020 election approaches the anti-gun rhetoric is bound to increase with unsupported distorted facts and personal opinions and I have seen a few post in some of the threads get personal, for the most part this has not been the case.  From the beginning I reminded everyone that “All SASS Members are a part of Team SASS.  Those with a different point of view on the Second Amendment or what we can do to support it are more than welcome to express them on the Team SASS Wire as long as it is done in a civil, non-personal manner.  But, if any responses become personal, argumentative or cross the line into less than constructive territory, I will activate my Moderator privileges and take appropriate action.”  Although this is not something I want to do, I will not hesitate if the line gets crossed.  Just as we all have our personal opinions about various politicians and their talking points on both sides of the isle, and we cringe at how they say one thing and do the opposite once elected.  Do not forget that they are not the first or the only ones who has pushed for this position, only the latest.  What we need to remember is that we have SASS members that are also from both sides of the isle.  Even if they have the same opinion about a specific political figure as you do, they would not appreciate being personally cast or judged by what someone else from their party says or does just as you would not want to be categorized by what a group or business does just because you have associated with a member of that group or made a past purchase from that business.  When you personalize a comment about one of the politicians, states or even a cities, someone could take it as though you were lumping them in that category as well and we do not want to alienate anyone.   I do understand how some people make it very easy to laugh at or get angry at their opinions as well as some of the things they say or do.  We should not make it into personal attacks no matter how tempting; do not lower us to their level.  Please think, edit and re-read before you post.  There are a lot of people out there trying to take away our “Constitutional Rights”, let's be sure to rise above their rhetoric - Think "Spirit Of The Game."



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True, but the fact is there is only one candidate - and at this time political party - that will even remotely support our 2nd Amendment. A vote for the other side essentially is a vote that compromises our 2nd Amendment. It is what it is.


What political party and candidate is that? Y'all can figure that one out on your own. ;)


GG ~ :FlagAm:

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