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C.C. Top

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Yer mama drinks whiskey out of a boot!


Yer about as dumb as a bag of hammers

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Ya couldn't pour dirt out of yer boot if the if the instructions were printed on da sole ....


If dumb was worth 5 cents a pound, you would be worth a million....


Boy you Major on Stupid ..


The Skunk smells better than you...


Even a Skunk Holds it's nose around you ...


Jabez Cowboy

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Did you  eat  a lot  of  paint  chips  when  you  were  little ? 

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"godless heathens"-scene from when the regulators were tripping on peyote in young guns


"johnny, i apologize, i forgot you were there"-doc holiday to johnny tyler in tombstone


ok, not from a western but my favorite insult line "alright you primitive screwheads listen up! you see this? this is my BOOMSTICK!" ash williams, army of darkness






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14 hours ago, Shooting Bull said:

That boy, I say that boy's about as sharp as a bowling ball. 



(I bet $100 you read that in Foghorn Leghorn's voice. :lol:)

You win that bet! I did!

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Do they need to be from movies? 


If not:

You look like the south bound end of a north bound mule.

Bless your heart

He's so crooked he could swaller nails and spit our corkscrews.

He lies so well a man would be a fool not to believe him. 


Movie lines are hareder for me to come up with.  I know there were a lot of great subtle ones but they all escape me. 

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