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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Theme is BEST Insults of the OLD West :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

C.C. Top

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Howdy all !!!!


Our theme for this years Indiana State Shoot is       The best insults of the old west !!!! :D


Needing some good starting lines, they must be "G" rated, no cuss words, or overly offensive.


Example:   Starting line:  " You used to drink your own bath water, didn't YA ?!?!?"  :lol:

Just me what ya come up with please !!!!


Remember our State shoot is July 12,13, & 14 and there is still time to sign up >>>>>>>>>>>>  Sign up Paradise Pass<<<<<<<<<<<<

This is a 40 acre SASS range, check out the drone view on the website.


OK give me those starting lines !!!!!!!!        GO

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Why you lowdown no good goat faced yellow bellied scumbag.

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From an Audie Murphy western,

(1) If a rattle snake bit yah, he'd probably die.

Some others not from the movie:

(2) Your blood would make a leach  throw up.

)3) If a buzzard bit yah, he'd give up eaten meat.

(4) Your flesh would gag a maggot.

Are you can also start each one of the above four insults with ( You're so fowl)

Just say'en


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He couldn’t hit a buffalo if one swallowed him whole! 

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