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09212019, Robbers' Ruckus, OK.

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Indian Territory SASS is bringing you a fun 1-day shoot of 7 stages to have some fun being outlaws with Robbers' Ruckus!

This shoot will be all about the old train robbers, bank robbers and ne'er do-wells we all know and remember from movies, books, and stories we love!


Camping will be available for those that want to join us a little earlier and/or stay a little later to enjoy time with their favorite pards!


An informal awards dinner is included with registration so you can enjoy a little bit of those braggin' rights among friends!


Join us on September 21st! Registration forms are available at our website: http://www.itsass.net/robbers-ruckus/ or attached here. :)


Official Schedule 

  • Match Directors: Ninety Caliber Al – 918.855.7667, Marmalade – 918.557.6928
  • Saturday, September 21st  
  • 7:00am – 8:00am Check In  
  • 8:30am – Welcome/Safety Meeting, Main Match (no lunch will be provided, so be sure to pack a lunch or snack).   
  • 6:00pm – Informal Awards Dinner 
  • Match Ammunition Requirements: Approximately 80 Pistol, 80 Rifle & 32 shotgun rounds  


We hope to see you at Buzzard Gulch in September!

2019 Robbers Ruckus Entry Form.pdf

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