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WildBunch 2 day Shooting School @ EOT

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I will be putting on a 2 day Wildbunch School at EOT this year. 

Saturday, June 15, 3pm-5pm- Day 1

Sunday, June 16, 3pm-5pm – Day 2

In this school we will go over all aspects of WIldBunch shooting and I'll be answering any questions ya'll have. A lot of what ill be going over will translate into all things shooting and competition. 


These will be some main topics I go over


shooting stance
shooting grip
1911 fundamentals
rifle/shotgun fundamentals
sight picture/trigger control/shot calls
shooting gear
stage design/preparation/plan
practice prep
competition mentality/self control
Cost of this class will be 200$ at the time of the class. I will be donating 25% of the earnings to the Sass Scholarship Fund. You can Contact me at chancemakana@gmail.com 

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The BEST class on Wild Bunch you will ever get the chance to take.  Awesome shooter and great guy.

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