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Grizzly Dave

Cutting down the stock on a 97

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So after I determine the length of pull that I want, which is another giant ball of wax, I want to cut the stock down on my 97 so it actually fits me.


So cutting down the stock, any tips or pointers?  I figure measure, tape, measure again, and cut it on the band saw and flatten on the belt sander and re attach the butt plate and maybe a little recoil pad.


Seems simple enough I figure I must be missing something.


Input would be appreciated.






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When cutting a stock you should use the finest tooth blade you have that will cut the wood without burning.

The blade cuts flat so it require you to shim the stock at the wrist and hold it square. I use a miter saw to cut my stocks but I have an adjustable jig to hold the stock in alignment.

Wrap the surface of the stock where the cut is to occur with good masking tape to reduce tear out (chipping).

The butt plate will be too large once you cut the stock and it will require refitting.

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Shotgun stock fitting is an art, and some folks charge big bucks to do it. 


But if you have a Length of Pull in mind, from normal shotgun stocks you own, let's make a rough plan for a cowboy stock. 


Take your normal shotgun stock length, subtract an inch from it.  You WILL shoot faster if you cut that inch off your cowboy gun stocks.   Just don't make it so short your thumb of hand on the wrist of stock touches your nose when you throw the gun up.   That will be your "Cowboy LOP"


Figure out what butt plate or recoil pad or leather butt cover thickness you will use.  Or maybe you will use a combination of plate plus cover, or pad plus cover.  Subtract those thicknesses from your Cowboy LOP.  That will be the distance from the trigger to the raw wood of your cut at midpoint of the butt.


Then, consider the pitch you want.  That's the angle in degrees that the cut of the butt varies from perpendicular to the line of sight (along the top of barrel).  Male cowboys need the toe of a stock to be about 4 degrees of pitch from perpendicular, with the toe of the stock being closer to the trigger than the heel.   Cowgirls (or men with thick chests) may need closer to 7 degrees of pitch.  This makes it easy to keep the barrel down and reduces felt recoil when shooting at targets below level of the gun (like cowboy shooting does).  


OK, with the "distance from the trigger to the cut midpoint" and the pitch angle to bring the toe in closer to the trigger, you can lay out your cut line.   Use a fine sharp carbide blade in a large miter saw (or fine sharp blade in band saw if that is all you have), masking tape where the cut will be made, block and support the stock so it does not slip, and cut away.  



... Or - just take it to a good cowboy gunsmith and let him do this.  :lol:


Good luck, GJ






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