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Good read!

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During the Reagan years, before the Berlin Wall came down, I lived in Grand Junction, Colorado for a while.  I was there when a national Civil Defense exercise was conducted, testing communications etc. in response to an imaginary nuclear attack on several major cities, Denver included.  Washington's plan was to evacuate survivors from Denver to the western slope of Colorado, mostly Grand Junction.


I overheard conversations in the barber shop about that plan.  One of the gentlemen getting a haircut mentioned that he knew several contractors who used dynamite in their businesses, and that if the evacuation orders were ever given for real, there would be a number of mountain tunnels and bridges that would no longer be usable.  The sentiment was that those who chose to live in Denver could stay there.


Just pointing out that plans made in Washington might not get implemented exactly as intended.





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Very good read.


He nails it. Captures the sentiment of red quite nicely.


Should be mandatory reading for every liberal.



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I guess if we are all "criminals" then we will have more rights, right?


It's against the 5th Amendment for us to be coerced into incriminating ourselves so once we are deemed criminals for having guns we can't register them or turn them in because we would be incriminating ourselves...

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Liberal Leadership is fully aware that gun confiscation in this country is not achievable in one-step or even a dozen. They are more annoyed with people like the congressman nukem than we are as people like him are undermining the careful deliberate plans they have enacted to make the vast majority of America subservient to them.


The Liberal Left leadership have been slow boiling the frog (Gun Owners) for the past several decades. It is no accident that they call each incremental step a common sense approach and claim that by doing this one little thing that while an inconvenience to gun owners, is necessary for everyone to feel safe. All the while, they repeat the mantra that gun confiscation not what they want.


We are being slow boiled. Make no mistake about it. Most gun owners severely underestimate just how insidious the left really is.  For the most part, they control the media and the flow of information. Even the staunchest gun rights activist will turn on his or her neighbor if you can control the narrative and disseminate the right story. Think it can't happen; look at the atrocities of WWII. They were perpetrated by people that were blinded by media propaganda.


90% of all gun laws that have been enacted in the last 60 years are targeted to make it impossible for the poor to afford firearms. It is much easier to manipulate poor uneducated individuals that can easily be turned into a riotous mob than it is the educated middle class that has at least been exposed to critical thinking. Then they can be easily villified and made into scapegoats in much the same way that Hitler used the Jews to unite Germany. Once you get people emotional and following the lie their focus can be shifted to any group that is a threat to your adjenda.


Gun confiscation in America will never happen as portrayed in the link. It has been coming stealthy, hiding in the shadows, cloaked in feel good initiatives that slowly and steadily eroding our constitution for decades. The label of hate Speach is how they are attacking the first amendment. Don't like what someone has to say. Call it hate speach and the sheeple will fall over themselves to erase the protections that the first Amendment was put into place to protect.


Our founding Fathers would be appalled that we passed the National Firearms Act of 1934 as is it squarely in opposition with the 2A. The arguments use to enact it violated the very reason the 2A is part of this countries founding documents. Yet it easily passed because people were bought into the ideal that they would FEEL safer knowing that fully automatic firearms were suddenly illegal. Because ordinary citizens had no legitimate reason for owning them, any one in possesion of one must be a criminal bent on their destruction. The reason ALL ARMS are enshrined in those words was to protect the people from a tyrannical government. That they might be misused by a criminal didn't matter and is insufficient ground to make them illegal. The very idea that you can prevent violence by restricting a tool is absurd and will never pass scrutiny once the emotional element of any argument is eliminated. Yet here we are because the media controlled the narrative and the individuals entrusted with safeguarding our inalienable rights were swayed by emotion instead of relying on logic.


Consider that the only thing that brought down organized crime in the 30’s was their highly publicized illicit activities and their penchant for accurate bookkeeping. Had those gangsters kept a lower profile they would have never been imprisoned and the NFA of 1934 likely would have never passed because it violated the 2A.  

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Sedalia Dave,


A GREAT synopsis!  Your thesis should be required reading by all conservatives.




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On ‎5‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 11:29 AM, J-BAR #18287 said:

Just pointing out that plans made in Washington might not get implemented exactly as intended.





Can you name 1 that has?

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