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Charlie T Waite

The Second Amendment Stories the National Media Fail to Report...or Get Completely Wrong

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The first mass shooting I remember is the Austin Texas Tower shooting.  It was basically a gun free zone, even back then!!  Imagine if several legally armed citizens had returned fire and killed that murderer right then!!  The news media at that time would likely have reported the incident and future shooters would have another thing or two to think about before they set out to do harm.  


The PEOPLE might have revolted at the prospect of gun free zones!!  The victim mentality that drives the anti-gun owner mob might have been replaced by a "You can't pull that crap here!" atmosphere.  Who knows what else might have taken place because good people didn't stand by and let those who wish to direct every minute of our lives try to take over.

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"Lying by ommission."  

Sort of like, "MOM!  Billy HIT me!!!"  But not telling mom that Billy hit Little Susy because Little Susy was hitting him a belt .

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