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Lawdog Dago Dom

Gun Owners March at Illinois Capitol

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Since the early 90's I-GOLD, (Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day) was a day created to put a face on Illinois gun owners to their Legislative representatives. For years the media portrayed gun owners as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, with poor dental hygiene. On IGOLD day you will have doctors and welders, plumbers and x-ray technicians, attorneys and waitresses marching together in supportof their second amendment rights. The first IGOLD drew about 200 marchers. Yesterday in Springfield, Illinois, 8,000 (media estimate) to 9,000 (law enforcement estimate) law abiding citizens marched peacefully though the streets to the Illinois House and Senate. It was a sight to see. We were fortunate to grab a moment with Representative Ryan Spain, just off the House floor, and Senator Chuck Weaver (with Shortcake) in his office. Both Second Amendment supporters and have accepted an invitation to try Cowboy Action Shooting over the summer. Thanks to Guns Save Life, Illinois State Rifle Association, NRA, Illinois Carry, and all other Second Amendment groups for their valuable support.




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