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18 hours ago, J. Mark Flint #31954 LIFE said:

I have the same issue-but I know my gun was previously owned by Mike Venturino .  I like to think he taught Tom Sellek proper handling techniques for a Sharps with my gun, even though the likelihood seems low.


If I recall correctly it was either Steve Garbe or Dan Pharris who was Selleck's shooting coach for the Sharp's.  Both of whom are friends with Mike.  ISTR it was Mike that put Selleck in touch with them...

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My LGS has 2 Shilo Sharps hangin on the wall ready to go. One in 30-40 Kraig and one in 45-70. I'll get the particulars and repost if you're interested.

If I remember right, there priced a hair under 3k.

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