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Charlie T Waite

Kris Kobach: When People Without Gun Experience Pass Gun Laws

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Won't pass the Senate. Trump said he'd veto it anyway. But, the future of this crap is getting closer...


If the firearm was purchased used with no FFL 4473 linking current owner/person A to it, how in the world would there be anyway to determine if a private sale w/o a background check to person B occurred?


Even it the firearm was purchased new by person A with a  complete 4473 on file somewhere... how will it be determined that a newly "illegal" transfer occurs to person B? Private is private and w/o a date on a bill of sale there ain't no way to track this stuff to determine if the sale occurred before or after the libtard-dem anti-gun law? Maybe 100 years in the future, but not under normal circumstances.


There are too many firearms, too many people, and too much grey area here.


More BS feel good BS from the tards on the left is all this is.





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