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Here is a very nice quality made holster and belt for WILD BUNCH shooters. The leather is top grade with white stitching.

It has lots of design stamping in all the right places. It is enhanced with two large conchos and five silver colored Chicago screws.

The holster has a STEEL liner and will allow the shooter to draw quickly. There are four magazine slots to allow lots of shots in a hurry.

Next it has five shotgun loops with a nice stop under all five to keep the shells at the same height. The silver buckle is one of the best kind

and there are two  extra bullet slots to reload if you need too, they are spaced between the shot shells and the magazine pockets.

It, like most good holsters have the loop to insert the belt into when first putting it on. the back is a separate light colored heavy stitched 

back.  The overall length is 47".

This belt was only worn twice. and is offered on a give away price.   $165.00 + $8.00 shipping.


Payment can be Pay Pal, USPS Money Order, Certified Bank Check.

Let me know if you have questions.



Wild Bunch-1.jpg

Wild Bunch-2.jpg

Wild Bunch-3.jpg

Wild Bunch-4.jpg

Wild Bunch-5.jpg

Wild Bunch-6.jpg

Wild Bunch-7.jpg

Wild Bunch-8.jpg

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Wild Bunch Holster and Belt has been sold ---Pending Gold Delivery.


Two Ponies

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Posted (edited)

Hi Two Ponies.  I have your address, but sent you a PM with a payment request.  Haven't heard back yet.  Let me know, please, so I can send the gold. 




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