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Roger Rapid

4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - Early Bird Special

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Cowboys, cowgirls, drovers, gamblers, and rustlers...

Don’t let your posse saddle up without you…

Posse pix for promo silo blur-2.jpg


… Register right now for the 4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut!
The 4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut, May 24-26, 2019, will be hosted by the Pozo River Vigilance Committee (PRVC) in an incredible setting on the 32,000-acre Camatta Ranch in Santa Margarita, California. The event features speed pistol/rifle/shotgun, a morning and afternoon 3-stage warm-up match, 12-stage main match, a very fun team shoot, a "top-gun" eliminator stage (open to all shooters), long range, Quigley, quick draw, and poker tournament, all topped off with a real Wild West BBQ dinner followed by our awards ceremony. Our range boasts camping (dry) for up to 125 trailers and the campsite features flush toilets and hot showers.
Reduced-rate early-bird registration expires the end of March, so now's the time to sign up and save some buck$. 
To download a Registration form (PDF) please  click here:
• To watch our 6.5 min promotional video, please click here:
• To learn more about PRVC, or review the ShootOut schedule please go to our website and click on the “Our Annual Match” tab.
• Questions?” Don’t hesitate to PM or email me.
Come on out and shoot with us!
Roger Rapid


Roger Rapid • SASS #96080
Deputy, Pozo River Vigilance Committee at Lazy Arrow
PO Box 292, Santa Margarita, CA 93453
PRVC range phone (shooting weekends only): 805-470-9560



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You are probably wondering about the fuzzy faces on the photograph.  Well here is the "tale" on the photo - Taken around 1868 (colorized for modern viewing) the Posse was so anxious to head out in pursuit of the outlaw Jesse James, who was reported visiting his uncle Drury James at the La Panza Ranch near the Camatta Ranch where this posse was based (and the PRVC Annual is held), that they were shaking in excitement and the photographer could not keep them still so the faces are fuzzy.  The Posse then reported Jesse high tailed it out and they did not catch him.  However by coming to the PRVC Annual you will hear similar exciting stories of comings & goings on the 32,000 acre Camatta Ranch.  Look forward to seeing you in May!

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Posted (edited)

Here are some photos from last year to encourage you to not miss out on a great time at the Lazy Arrow ShootOut!

The team shoot:

Sharing dinner with friends at the campground:


Bluegrass concert at the awards dinner:

The Lazy Arrow Bison herd:



Come join us for a fatastic weekend at the Lazy Arrow ShootOut! So much more than a fun match; lots of opportunities to spend time with old friends and make some new ones on a beautiful working  cattle ranch!

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Just got off the phone with a shooter who asked if the bison in the photo Bushy Blonco posted are actually at the range and how available the wildlife is to see if the shooter brings family. The ranch is primarily a working cattle ranch and is fairly well fenced off in various areas according where feeding, water, and breeding is at any time of the year. The North American bison are located near the entrance of the ranch so you will undoubtedly see them when you come in. There are also several pens with exotic animals that the Camatta Ranch raises for sale to various zoos, private ranches, and various institutions, and these are easily visited - and if you can get some time with Camatta Lilly (ranch co-owner and our #1 Deputy) she will give you detailed background and history of the various exotic animals. Our Sheriff, Mountain Man Mark is the other ranch co-owner and most likely will be shooting with us. If you’re lucky to be on his posse he can fill you in with a lot more about the wildlife. On the part of the ranch where our wild west “camp,” range, and camping area are, it is very common for us to see wild boar, deer, cattle, eagles, coyote, and more. So if you are tent camping, you do want tents that fully close, and want to keep food in your vehicles. We are literally in the “wild west.” In fact, last year, an Indian Sqaw rode over the crest of the hill during our opening ceremony.   :o


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Speaking of Bison, y'all should know that every one that shoots clean at PRVC is inducted into the "Dead-Eye Gang" and is awarded a coveted Gold Bison Pin each time they shoot clean! This applies to the Lazy Arrow ShootOut as well, so come shoot clean with us and take a Bison home to start your herd! 


I finally shot clean and got one myself recently. Now it is proudly displayed on my hat:1064239016_BisonPin.jpg.b3aaa5fc48d8c58428cb90cd233d1ff7.jpg

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Hi Ruby Rain... 

And we're excited to have you with us for the first time!!  I see that you're registered - you do not need camping reservation. We just need to know that you are camping with us - and we know that now. As Jailhouse Jim suggests, we're on a huge ranch, but, of course, we only occupy a small portion of it. Camping is first come, first serve and the campground can host about 175 rigs. We camp on a well-mowed field and Ruthless Rodg, our campground host, will help you get settled when you come in. The campground is immediately adjacent to the range.


When you arrive in the campground, you can do a water fill, or if you're close enough you can park your trailer and daisy chain to the water supply (but do bring a "Y" valve so you can split off from the water line).


We're going to have a ton of fun and we're glad you'll be part of it!


See ya in a few weeks.


Roger Rapid

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