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Question for the Administrators:


Why is the Community Calendar not accessible by the end users to post their events?




Curiosity got the best of me, and when I tried to use the Calendar for what it could be used for, I found that we do not have access to it for posting upcoming events.

It would seem like an obvious choice for all those posts that promote upcoming local events that some users have complained about that get posted to the SASS WIRE Forum feeling they should be posted to the SASS EVENTS WIRE instead.

I understand it's original purpose was possibly to have items of interest posted by Admin, but this feature appears to not being used for any purpose at all.

Instead, if this feature were to be opened, it would make it a lot easier for our readers to access a particular month to see what events were forthcoming, as opposed to either trying to read through all the posts made on the SASS EVENTS WIRE, even though some of them make it to the Annual Matches calendar as shown below.



It could still be monitored by your staff to ensure that personal items were not being posted, but merely CAS/SASS events of interest to our readers.

If opening to the readers is not an option, then possibly someone in Admin could read those posts made in on both the SASS EVENTS WIRE, and SASS WIRE Forum and post them on the calendar.

Shoot....I'd even volunteer to do it if I was given specific access to the Community Calendar to create events.

Please consider one of these options for the betterment of our readers.

Thank you for your consideration.


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